If you are constantly traveling, especially for business travelers, it can be harmful to your health. Therefore maintaining your fitness while traveling is important, this can reduce stress and even increase productivity. Good news, you can definitely stay fit while traveling and still enjoy yourself. Here are seven things that you can do next time you travel:


running while traveling
​Even if there's no gym at your hotel, commit to training. If there’s little or no equipment, focus on circuit training. Do what you can on the equipment provided and perform a set for each body part with no rest between sets.

​Continue this until you run out of training time. If there's no equipment, use bodyweight exercises for your circuit and create your own full body boot camp. Ensure that you do workout while traveling to offset the sitting down on airplanes and in meetings.


One of the great things about travelling to new cities is experiencing new places to eat. But if you're not careful you could be paying the airlines extra weight on the way home, and I am not talking about your luggage. Be careful of meal sizes and all you can eat places.
eat healthy

​You can still enjoy the local cuisine, but sometimes it's fun to sample and take small bites. When ordering a meal, ask the waiter or waitress to give you a take out box or “doggy bag.” This will allow you to take the left overs with you. If you don't have room for a take away box, then ask the restaurant to give you a smaller amount of the item you ordered. Be sure to eat a nutritious breakfast.

Your hotel may serve a FREE buffet breakfast every morning, consider skipping the bacon and donuts and have a huge freshly prepared omelet stuffed with veggies with a little fruit on the side. Keep lunch small with a salad or whole grain wrap so you don't get pass out during the afternoon meetings, and enjoy a nice dinner with some lean meat and veggies and perhaps a glass of wine.


No, not at the hotel bar, instead, drink lots of cold refreshing water. It will keep you full and focused and your mind off the donuts and croissants sitting behind the conference table. 

​​It's really easy to drink lots of water during these hotel conferences as they usually serve you pitchers of water in your meeting rooms and in the big conference rooms. Just to be sure you always have water on hand, pick up a couple of bottles of spring water at the hotel gift shop and keep them on ice in your room.
drink your water
Or even better - get yourself a quality, reusable water bottle and bring it with you everywhere. You can top up whenever you are running low and it will help remind you to drink your water. 


There’s nothing healthy OR affordable in the your room’s minibar. The same goes for Room Service. Ask for a microwave and refrigerator when booking your room.


​If you are up for some sight seeing or heading to a nearby restaurant for dinner, avoid the cab fare, get some directions and walk there instead. Google Maps on your smartphone works great for this. Walking is a great way to see a new city and burn some calories at the same time. Strolling back to the hotel after dinner is a great way to end the evening and ease the guilt from that decadent dessert.
walk everywhere


If you don't have time to do a complete workout in a gym or you don't have access to one, then you can still find ways to burn calories. Try going for a long scenic walk or a morning beach run. This is a fantastic way to see what's available in the city or town you're staying in.

​You can also burn off that big fancy meal you just ate at the local hot eatery. Always try to go up or walk the long way back to your hotel. Most hotels have a swimming pool. Go for a swim once a day.

​Find a local fun adventure that popular in the city you're in like hiking, skiing, snowboarding or windsurfing. You can also try to find a park or gym a couple miles away and walk or run there to get your heart pumping and your warmup out of the way. You should also take the stairs to every level of your hotel.


recharge get sleep
If you're traveling alone, staying at a hotel is a great way to get some extra rest and relaxation. You get the bed to yourself, and you have no worries of the kids jumping on the bed or in the bed at all hours of the morning. So sleeping is a great way to recharge.

It's also a great time to catch up on some work or read that book you have been trying to get through. A dip in the hotel pool and a hot sauna afterwards might be just what you need to recharge your batteries before you get back on the road.

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