About Us


Bluewave Lifestyle® is established in 2003 and headquartered in sunny California.

We started with one simple reason - to provide safe, quality, reusable water bottles to our health & environment conscious consumers. We started with one simple water bottle - the reusable Daily 8® water bottle in 2003. This 2 liter | 64 ounce water bottle was the perfect reminder to drink you daily 8 glasses of water. 

Shortly after, we expanded our product line from water bottles and beverage dispensers to homeware and kitchenwares.


Quality & Safety You Can Trust: 

  • Bluewave is a vertically integrated company - meaning we design our products right in our California headquarter. We source our materials, manufacture our products, and distribute them worldwide. This allows for efficiency, but most importantly, quality & safety!
  • We source the highest quality materials. We will never use recycled, scraped, unsafe, unknown materials to produce our products
  • We manufacture our most popular products "in-house" in our production facility.
  • We maintain safety control from start to finish - we want to give our consumers a safe piece of mind!


    No gimmicky story, no fads, no hype! Our story is simple - we make safe & quality products. We care about giving our consumers the safest products we can produce. This is what makes us different! 


    Did you know:

    • 32 million tons of plastic waste were generated in 2012 (US EPA). By using our water bottles (large or small), you can help reduce some of plastic waste that goes to the landfills.
    • Our bottles are recyclable. When you no longer need the bottles, you can easily take it to your local recycling center to recycle.
    • We don't just talk about being eco-friendly. We try to be an eco-conscious company from production to operations on a daily basis. Part of the production plant is powered by solar energy, while implementing low flow systems and LED lighting in all of our offices to conserve water and energy usage.
    • Most companies would simply have "bottled water delivery" for their offices; it is the easiest thing to do but not the most environmentally friendly. We, on the other hand, actually have our own water treatment systems to provide purified water for our employees. We provide (free of charge) all our production plant employees & office employees with their own reusable water bottles so they do not need to bring "bottled water" or use throw-away cups.