Essentially, April Fool’s Day is an annual day where pranks are played on people. Although the main goal is to ‘fool’ someone with what would be considered a credible hoax or harmless trick, there are times when the practice tends to go overboard. In today’s world of new technology, the ‘pranking’ part has become far easier to pull off for many media outlets that often create elaborate hoaxes in an effort to fool as many people as possible with a single prank.
The prank ideas we are going to explore here are going to be simple in nature, harmless and intended to be family-friendly. Remember, do not pull an April Fool’s prank on someone who will not be amused and do not play a trick of any kind that may cause hurt feelings.

Here is our list of favorite April Fool’s Day pranks:


​How this works is very simple. If there is someone in your household who has to wake up for work using an alarm clock, you can pull a pretty funny prank on them.

​For example, if they typically set their alarm for 6:00 AM to get up in time for a shower, coffee and then head off to work you can really add a little bit of April Fool’s Day flavor to their morning by changing the time the alarm goes off. 
alarm clock prank
​You have two choices here. If you are trying to just have a fun prank, set their alarm clock to go off an hour or more earlier than normal. Setting their alarm to go off later than normal may cause problems that could create friction between you. So, be careful.


hard boil egg
This prank is built around the classic switch move.

If there is someone in your household who has to start their day with fresh eggs for breakfast, you can get a laugh or two out of this trick. All you have to do is switch the fresh eggs in the egg tray in the refrigerator with hard-boiled eggs. That way, when the ‘cook’ goes to crack open an egg for frying it doesn’t come out of the shell.
​​This is also a fun reversible prank as well. If there is someone in your household who prefers hard-boiled eggs for a snack or a sandwich, switch the eggs they use for fresh ones. You may want to stand out of the way when they start rolling the eggs on the counter to crack them.


This is a real classic prank that has several variations and can cause several different reactions. Naturally, be careful who you choose to prank and be sure that if you pull this one on someone that they will see the humor in it and won’t be upset or that the sight of fake vomit doesn’t cause them to get sick, either.

​You can play this one by simply placing the props in unusual places, like on the floor, on a countertop or wherever they will get noticed quickly but not too quickly. You’re goal is to have the element of surprise working in your favor here. If there are little kids in the family, they are sure to get a laugh out of the fake props regardless.


​This is a fun April Fool’s prank that requires assistance from more pranksters in order to make it work perfectly.

​When someone enters the shower stall, quietly enter the bathroom and remove things from it. You can take away any and all towels, toiletries, clothing, whatever happens to be in there that the person in the shower will need as soon as they shut the water off. 

​​Once you’ve removed the items, exit the bathroom quietly to not tip the person off. Then all you have to do is wait.
washing hair shampoo


​Here’s another harmless fun April Fool’s prank that is sure to amuse most. If there is someone close to you who wears glasses, one way to add a bit of fun to the day is to smear a thin film of petroleum jelly across the front of the glass lens.

​You can improvise with fingerprints if you don’t have the jelly. The idea here is to give the prank victim blurry vision the moment they put their glasses on. Be sure to time this one carefully. You don’t want to have them behind the wheel of a vehicle when they slip on their glasses nor do you want them to fall down a flight of stairs or bump into things. It’s a fun trick to play, but has to be carefully planned to work right.
Provided your prank victim isn’t running late for work or an appointment, you can get a few minutes of laughter out of this particular prank. Be sure to replace what you remove.


shrink the shirt
In order to pull this one off effectively, you need a fair deal of lead time.

​What it involves is locating and purchasing (from thrift shops) clothing that matches items in your prank victim’s wardrobe. The difference here is that the clothing items you choose should be a size or two smaller than the normally worn clothing.

​Your best bet is to stick to obvious clothing choices such as belts that are smaller, running shoes that are smaller and hats that are smaller.
​​If you can find shirts and more, go for it but in order for this prank to be effective, the ‘no-longer-fits-me’ clothing items have to be ones selected for that day for work or play. Have fun with this one.


Everyone likes coffee and if your morning can’t get off to the right start without a steaming hot cup of Joe, then you’ll truly appreciate this tasty April Fool’s prank.

All you basically have to do is add some hot sauce or pepper spice to the brewing pot of coffee. Once ready, your intended victim will get a slightly warmer cup of coffee than they bargained for. 
spicy coffee
​Naturally, be sure that whoever you do this to can handle the intensity of spicy hot coffee and that they don’t happen to have any allergies to hot peppers. You may be surprised to find that adding a bit of spice to a cup of coffee may become a new favorite morning kick start beverage to start the day.


​We’ve called this the Fake Lottery Win Trick but it can be any kind of prize winning prank. What you need is to have someone call your intended victim at home and announce that they have just won some massive prize.

​The key to making this work is that the caller has to be someone unknown to your target and that the caller has to be able to pull this off without hesitation, laughing or otherwise giving away the gag. 
fake lottery ticket
​This is a fun prank that can be played on several people with each person ‘winning’ a different kind of prize that has to be claimed before 12 Noon or they forfeit their win. You may be able to get away with this one.


If there is someone you know who can’t live part of a day without their online connections, this will be a fun prank to play. All you need to do is gain access to the power source of their modem and turn it off.

​This works great if you are a visitor the night before and as you leave late in the evening before April Fool’s you slip into the pantry or office and switch off their internet. It’s a no-brainer for most of us, but how many of you would actually check to see if your modem is working before calling your internet provider due to an ‘outage’ of service? Not all of us will do that and this is what makes this particular prank so effective and easy to pull off.


​Although the pranks here that we have outlined are generally easy to execute, you always risk the possibility of one of them backfiring on you. This is a possibility in any kind of pranking activity and is why we stress that you have to be careful who you choose as your prank target.

​Generally speaking, everyone expects something to happen early on April 1st, just be sure to keep it safe, fun and family-friendly so everyone can get a laugh to start off the new month with. It is never a good idea to use a prank that can become dangerous, may damage property or is illegal in nature.

​The idea behind April Fool’s Day is to have fun, and to be safe when doing so.

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