Valentine’s Day.

It’s the one day of the year despised by single people around the world. It’s not as if you aren’t trying to meet someone special. It just seems as if when February rolls around you are either single again or still single. That’s okay. The world is not exactly built just for couples as much as Cupid and all the other marketing crap tells you come Valentine’s Day. But how can you cope when you happen to be forever alone?

​Well, in case you thought the only logical solution involves heavy sedation or massive amounts of various medications, think again. Save those prescriptions for something far more serious than this because we are here with some answers for you. Here are a few tips to keep you from bursting into the greeting card store with guns blazing.


Single & Alone
Think back to all the things you would have spent money on for that special someone in your life on February 14. Aside from the candy and dinner, there are a few ways you can actually capitalize on what couples are faced with on this very day.

​You could buy a whole bunch of cut flowers and sell them individually at a decent price that gives you a slight profit with each sale. You could hire yourself out as a babysitter, a designated driver or even house sitter for couples heading away for a special Valentine’s celebration somewhere. There are many ways to turn the obligation others feel to spend on February 14 into some extra cash in your jeans.


Enjoy time with friends and family
Let’s face it, unless you never leave your apartment, you are going to know some other Forever Alone types.

Why not toss a UN-Valentine’s Day Party and invite all of them to participate?

​It’ll be fun for them and fun for you. In fact, as all of you will have something in common, you can spend time bashing couples or just making fun of those who are forced to take someone to a fancy dinner or buy expensive trinkets to act as a display of their affection.
​Plus, all of your single friends will be able to become closer and you may end up making some cool new connections for when you plan to throw Un-Anniversary Parties or whatever.


​If you are the type who would typically throw a bag of money at Valentine’s Day to make it a special event for a partner, when you are single you get to spend all of that on something just for you.

​It can be a vacation, electronics or whatever the price tag will match from what you would have otherwise spent.
Have some spa time
Spoil yourself with a spa day.
The best part of spoiling yourself on February 14 is that not only will it help to make you happy, you can spend without feeling guilty about it. It’s not as if you are breaking up with someone the day before and you are avoiding the mess associated with pre-Valentine’s break ups.

​Nope. This one is for you and only you. Enjoy it to the fullest.


Hey, it’s not quite as wacky as it sounds.

Think about it for a moment. Not only does a solo date cut the cost in half on Valentine’s Day but it gives you a whole lot more freedom. For example, you get to go exactly where you want to go for dinner. That could be a sports bar or a dark, dingy out of the way place you wouldn’t take a date anyway.

​Plus, you get to eat and drink whatever you want. It also means you can skip the movie, the chocolates, the flowers, the cards and the worry as to whether or not you’ll be at your peak performance level should the evening end up wrapping up at your place. Oh, and breakfast will just be for you and there’s no sharing.


Hit the bars on valentine
Cheers to all the single people!
​It’s no joke.

You won’t be the only person stuck by yourself on February 14. In fact, the odds are that you will be able to find a great place to hang out where all the other singles have decided to gravitate on the one day of the year not intended for them. 

​The bonus here is that you will make some new friends and possibly hook up with someone who is desperately trying to erase the memory of Valentine’s Days spent in love and just needs a little bit of company with a member of the opposite sex.
​Or maybe you’ll just enjoy the vibe being around a lot more people who can relate to the whole being single on Valentine’s Day trip. Smile and drink a few for us.


​So you don’t have a significant other on Valentine’s Day. It no biggie, really. You can still feel some love and share some good times just by spending the day with family.
be with friends and family
Spend time with family!
​After all, they are connected to you regardless of what you end up doing with your life and where you end up living. Family is also a great support network and a comforting place to be when you don’t feel you want to be all alone on a day such as February 14. You could end up giving members of your family the things you would have otherwise spent money on for one person. Your mother, grandmother, aunt or sister will love the flowers and chocolate, you can count on that.


​You’ve heard of random acts of kindness, right? 

​While you can perform these any time of the year, maybe make Valentine’s Day the one day you really go out of your way to be extra kind to strangers. You could visit seniors at a local extended care facility and share time swapping stories or maybe even reading to some.
volunteer your time
Volunteer at soup kitchen
​Valentine’s Day is going to be a long, lonely day for seniors who have lost loved ones and are living in assisted living facilities. If you are artistic, maybe make and distribute homemade cards to the residents or provide some musical entertainment for them. Everyone loves to be spoiled and this could be your new thing.


We’ve touched on it slightly. When you happen to be forever alone on Valentine’s Day there is an instant bonus that comes your way but you may not think about it immediately. You will save some money.

​Even if you choose to stay home and watch a movie marathon with a giant bag of potato chips, you saved yourself the cost of all the other trappings that would have made up the day for you. For some, it could have been a very expensive ‘holiday’ with presents and gifts that could have melted the bumpy numbers off of your credit card. By being single on February 14 you actually dodge that bullet and the reminder the following month of what it cost.


single and alone
"Forever Alone"
​Being forever alone on Valentine’s Day is far from a sad situation. It is not a life sentence nor is it a penalty for some bad judgment call you made earlier in your life. If anything, it should be a tool you can use to flip your life situation around and do some fun things to make you happy.

​Besides, the last thing you want is to be remembered as the person who sucked all the life out of the room when you were (fill in the blank) and moaning about the way your love life has turned against you. The best way to avoid sabotaging the next Valentine’s Day you find yourself single is to be creative and find ways to get your mind off of that and on to other fun things to do.
Final Thoughts

​All it takes is an idea and some effort on your part. Hopefully we have been able to provide you with some kind of inspiration to keep you from going postal at the mere sight of couples sitting too close and sharing a special moment together. Remember, there are other forever alone people out there struggling with coming to grips with the reality that surfaces on February 14.

​Do yourself a favor and find something constructive to do to turn the annual celebration of love into something where you can look at yourself and be happy with who you are and where you are in your life. In other words, turn the day into a celebration of like and do it up in style.

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