• Donate: Alpha Water Bottle with Hygiene Care Kit
  • Donate: Alpha Water Bottle with Hygiene Care Kit

Donate: Alpha Water Bottle with Hygiene Care Kit

We are doing this to help raise awareness and as part of our core values, we want to give back to our community. This is something we have been doing for a long time for a variety of those in need, including donating to foster homes, giving to elementary students from low-income families, and helping with disaster relief.

We have been volunteering with a local non-profit organization in our community called LA on Cloud 9, to help those in need, and we noticed a basic need that wasn’t being met: hygiene. We want to help provide some relief to the less fortunate with some of the most in-demand items, as these individuals struggle for change or to even get a job.

We have put together a Hygiene Care Kit with all these necessities to help those experiencing homelessness in the Los Angeles area. Each purchase will allow us to donate one reusable bottle with hygiene items. All purchases will donated.

Once you make a purchase, we will put these items together in the bottle and it will be donated to LA on Cloud 9 - a local non-profit that helps the homeless in the city of LA. 

  • Reusable Sports Water Bottle with hygiene care kit
  • Kit will consist of the following items:
    Hand Soap
    Lip Balm
    Disposable Razor
    Shave Cream
    Plastic Comb
    Nail Clipper
    Bottle of Shampoo & Bath wash
    Bottle of Lotion
    Bottle of Antiperspirant

Please note: Buyer of this item will not receive the product. A random color bottle will be chosen and kits will be put together consisting of the items listed above. If any item is out of stock, a similar or equivalent item will be substituted. All purchases of the bottle with hygiene care kit will be donated to LA on Cloud 9. For more information about LA on Cloud 9, please visit their website