Daily 8® Water Jug - 2 Liter (64 oz) Candy Pink

    • 1.9 Liters | 64 Oz | 1900ml - Our half gallon jug provides the perfect daily intake to stay healthy and hydrated. 
    • 55mm | 2.2 Inches Opening – Features a spacious opening for effortless pouring, cleaning, or customization with fruit slices and ice.
    • Pop-Up Cover Sports Cap, Loop Cap, and Removable Straw Included for versatile drinking options.
    • USA made 100% BPA / BPS / EA Free & Reusable Plastic
    • Sturdy Handle Design - Seamlessly incorporated into the bottle for easy carrying and transport.
    • Drink your daily 8 glasses of water® - - Stay on track with your hydration goals with our convenient water bottle.

    Stay healthy and hydrated with the Bluewave Daily 8® half gallon water jug, ensuring you meet the recommended daily intake of 8 cups of water. Perfect for on-the-go lifestyles, keep it in your bag, hand-carry it, or bring it along to school, work, and outdoor adventures!

    Featuring a built-in handle for easy portability during your daily activities, this bottle is designed for convenience. The pop-up cap protects the mouthpiece from dirt and debris, or opt for the loop cap for added portability. Plus, it now includes a removable straw for versatile drinking options!

    Available in a range of vibrant colors, each with two cap options, this high-quality BPA-Free plastic bottle is reusable and ensures safe beverage storage without the risk of chemical leaching.

    • $15.99