Cold winter months got you feeling gloomy? Today we have a list of the best tropical travel destinations to soak up the sun, explore, marvel at astonishing views and relax during winter! 

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trindad e tobago
​Discovered by Christopher Columbus during his third journey and located in the archipelago of the Lesser Antilles, Trinidad and Tobago is a dual-island that stands out for its unforgettable backdrops and dream beaches. Located in the Caribbean Sea, a short distance from the coast of Venezuela, this duo is sure to please any vacationer looking for a tropical getaway.
The capital of Trinidad, Port of Spain, is buzzing with markets and shops, and about 30 minutes down the North Coast Road is the world-famous Maracas Bay. This northern bay protects a fine white beach with lush palm trees and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It is here that you can taste Trinidad’s local dishes.

Tobago is well-known for its breathtaking beaches. Here tourists can go bird-watching or ocean diving in absolute tranquility. A popular destination point is Nylon Pool, an oceanic pool with a coral bottom and clear water, located off Pigeon Point and only reachable by boat. Nylon Pool is near the Buccoo Reef, an area rich in coral reef, declared a protected area since 1962 by Princess Margareth of England.


cura vacation
The largest island of the Netherlands Antilles, known for its hilly landscapes, is an island called Curacao. This island is located right off the Venezuelan coast, between Aruba and Bonaire, and, on a clear day, can be seen with the naked eye. Its vegetation is rather poor, given the little rainy weather; there are many cacti that reach up to 6 meters in height and trees, called Divi-Divi. The waters of this island are rich in fish and the coral reef is spectacular. Particularly renowned is the south-east coast, where coral reef rises from the seabed.
​In Curaçao almost all the beaches are private, since they are owned by hotels located on the island and therefore not easily accessible unless you pay a small toll. However, there are still many unique locations to be explored. The north-west coast is full of caves scattered along two of the most beautiful beaches in all of Curaçao: Cas Abou and Grote Knip.
Cura beach
Cas Abou is a beach layered with fine white sand and a calm, clean sea. Grote Knip is considered the most beautiful beach on the entire island, with a large white sandy shore, surrounded by cliffs.


fiji beach
The Fijian Islands are a chain of islands of Melanesia located in the South Pacific Ocean. There are a total of 333 islands that make up this chain, all of volcanic origin.

On these islands, every beach is a paradise. Any beach you visit is a guarantee of breathtaking views, fine sands, and crystal clear ocean. The Yasawa Group Lagoons, scattered on 16 of the islands, are considered the most beautiful lagoons on earth.
Waya, with vast white beaches, is perfect for diving, Ghost Hill, an imposing rock with many caves inside, a destination for unmissable excursions if you are in Fiji, and Likuliku Bay, also called the sunset beach, where at sunset the crystals of sand change colors. If you are interested in wild nature, you can choose Turtle Island or the Mamanuca Islands.
beach sand ocean


​Moving away, we arrive in Polynesia, the land where Tahiti stands out for its nature and its beautiful women. The largest island in French Polynesia has been represented in a thousand different ways by Paul Gauguin, who lived here in the last part of his life. Even Tahiti is a volcanic island like Fiji, but its beaches are, on the contrary, mostly black and it is not completely flat.
water villas ocean getaway
​Its main peaks, Orohena and Aroai, easily exceed 2000 meters, allowing excursions in the mountains and giving enchanting landscapes, although many claims that the most beautiful islands are Moorea and Bora Bora. Although not being considered as the most beautiful island, Tahiti still has many beaches that deserve to be visited, both for snorkeling and relaxing in the sun, like that of Point Venus, part of the Bay of Matavai or Mahana Park, where you can snorkel and admire the coral reef.


go see turtles
In another part of the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Ecuador, we find the Galapagos Islands, located precisely on the equator.

Most people choose the Galapagos as a holiday destination for the unspoiled nature and the many species of primitive animals that populate this archipelago. Santa Cruz is generally the focal point of all tourist activities on the island.
Hopefully this has given you an idea of where to vacation the next time you find yourself stuck in winter gloom. There are numerous tropical islands that offer plenty of tourist attractions and activities, whether you’re the adventurous type looking

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