When it comes to your health and fitness, you must stay hydrated. Proper hydration during exercise is essential to prevent dehydration as well as keep your performance up. Whether you sweat it out at the gym or while running through the park, taking along a refreshing beverage is important to help keep you going. But which beverage is the best one to drink while you’re breaking a sweat?
Here’s the rundown on the four best beverages to drink for your fitness and health.


drink glass of water lemon
Our bodies are mostly made of water, plus water has an incredible roster of benefits for your body. It has no calories or sugars either, which is a definite plus for people that are looking to slim down. It flushes away toxins and is one of the purest substances for our bodies.

​However, the downside to water is that it doesn’t contain electrolytes. If you’re running the distance or working out intensively for more than an hour, you’ll need to replace the electrolytes your body is losing as you sweat. 


Sports drinks like Gatorade are another popular choice among athletes and fitness buffs. The most popular brands include anywhere from 13 to 19 grams of carbohydrates and somewhere around 120 milligrams of sodium. These drinks are formulated with the intention to replace your electrolytes during vigorous and lengthy stretches of exercise which is why experts recommend them for intense training session. For people that find water too plain, it provides a more flavorful choice. The cons of sports drinks though are that they are filled with artificial colors and flavors. They also have added sugars that you don’t need, which defeats the purpose of healthy and active living. If you must drink sports drinks, look for low-calorie options to help you power through without the additives.


Enhanced water comes in many forms, the most popular brand of it being Vitamin Water. As the name suggests, Vitamin Water and comparable brands of enhanced water add more vitamins to your diet. It’s also sweeter than water which makes it a great choice for people trying to get on track with fitness who need to cut out soda. Unfortunately, enhanced water tends to carry with it calories and sugar, in some cases, as much sugar as a can of soda. While it’s better for you than soda, it’s not that much better.
enhanced with vitamin water


Another option is to try an electrolyte drink, like the kind they make for children. One example is Pedialyte, which is flavorful and contains plenty of electrolyte and carbohydrates. It also has less sugar than standard sports drinks. However, it has the same cons as sports drinks in that it does contain sugar, so if you’re going to drink it, read the labels.
electrolyte drink

​So, who which one wins? The choice is yours, though if you truly want to reap all the hydration benefits your body needs, a great option is to add sodium to your water to get back those electrolytes. You can cut out sugar from the equation by doing so, something that is very important for many that are trying to eat clean. If the flavor isn’t thrilling, add a fresh squeeze of lemon and for a healthy version of lemonade that really keeps you hydrated and going! 

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