You’ve worked hard to make your goals of looking amazing in your swimwear this summer. Now you’re taking those enviable Instagram photos fabulously in front of iconic summer scenery. But while you’re on vacation, you don’t want to blow it by overindulging and wrecking that summer body before you can truly flaunt it.

Here are some tips to keep up that hot bod anywhere you go through healthy eating this summer.


Eating healthy fruits
​It’s a fact. Most of us don’t eat enough fiber. Why should you increase your intake of fiber? Because it fills you up right, makes your metabolism move, and helps draw excess fats and toxins from your body. Conveniently enough, some of our favorite summertime foods are rich in fiber like strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. You’ll also find it in cruciferous vegetables and summer-seasonal options like okra and asparagus. Live a healthy lifestyle by eating right. 


​Ok, we get it. You’re on vacation. Live a little and enjoy that slice of pizza! But just know that if you’re going to indulge in things made from refined carbs, you should do them early in your day, ideally at breakfast or lunch. You’ll be more likely to burn them off. Stick to dinners that involve fresh fish and veggies to balance out any daytime calorie splurges. 


Keep a journal log
​A food journal might be the least fun thing you can think of while you’re enjoying summer, but if you don’t keep tabs on your habits, you might succumb to gaining that weight back and bidding adieu to that summer beach bod. A more fun way is to photograph your meals. We eat with our eyes first so truly savor and relish those indulgent moments, but remember to balance them out too. Make sure you practice healthy eating most of the time and it will all work out.


​Don’t forget that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to stay active. On vacation, you can try out fun new watersports, swim, or even hit the gym. Take a walk and explore the town or go for a run in the local park. Besides, all that moving will give you less to feel guilty about when you try a local indulgence. 
Summer fun healthy


​And finally, the most important thing to keep a healthy lifestyle this summer is proper hydration. Water is always important as part of a healthy diet and healthy eating. But in the summer, it is even more important because of the hotter temperatures. Without enough water, your body can’t regulate its proper temperature. Hydration plays such a huge role in your overall health and you can’t let it slip. 


hydration drink water

Keep water with you at all times, especially if you’re in the sun. And if you notice the signs of dehydration like little to no urine, dizziness, or headache for example, start drinking more of it. You can always add a slice of lemon, cucumber, or other fruits to your purified water for a boost of flavor. Whatever you do though, don’t neglect your hydration or you’ll be neglecting your healthy lifestyle!

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