It’s never too early to start thinking about great gifts to give the people in your life for the holidays.

Planning ahead helps save money, plus it keeps you from stressing out. Giving gifts that are good for health and wellness won’t just make you feel good, but they will also serve to give the ones you love a better quality of life.
Not sure what to get?

​Start looking this list over now and you’re sure to find something to help everyone on your list be their most fit and fabulous!


​It’s true that not everyone is into yoga, but a yoga mat can be used for a variety of fitness activities. Crunches and floor exercises are all more comfortable on a good yoga mat. Look for ones that are non-slip. Plus, there are quite a few with unique designs on it so they can truly stand out during their next yoga class.
yoga mat


fitness tracker watch
​Fitness trackers are all the rage these days. They can track steps, heart rate, and even log your sleep stats so it’s perfect for those on your list that need some motivation to get moving. Plus, they can connect to any smartphone and make comparing stats from days to weeks easy.


Just because she’s got a gym bag doesn’t mean she doesn’t need a new one. Today’s gym bags are designed with our modern needs in mind. Look for ones that house laptops and tech devices safely while keeping sweaty gym clothes and sports equipment neatly stowed. It eliminates the need to bring separate bags for everything which is ideal for those that hit the gym before or after work. 


​For the fitness fanatic that’s always on the go, traveling can really take its toll. A mini massager is just the thing to help relieve stress and tension from overworked muscles after using the fitness center at a hotel or even in the office after a particularly demanding meeting. They even make mini foam rollers which are totally tote-able anywhere!


​Let’s not forget that the right clothes make for the best workouts. There are so many options here for any exerciser that the possibilities are limitless. Sports bras, yoga pants, water-resistant outer wear for the all-season outdoor runner, and more are all great choices. Best of all though, sports clothing manufacturers have finally caught on to what every woman really wants when it comes to workout clothes – pockets! Even on yoga pants and leggings, you’ll be seeing this hip (pardon the pun) trend popping up everywhere. 
yoga mat gift


There are plenty of people that love a good run in the frigid cold. And if someone on your list is one of them, getting them a good pair of gloves that are lightweight, comfortable and keep their hands from freezing is the kind of gift they’ll love because they likely won’t think of getting it for themselves.


​Exercise is always best when you set it to your own soundtrack.

​But those pesky cords and cables can get in the way. If you’ve ever launched your smartphone or iPod across the gym by mistake because you snagged the cord while running on the treadmill, then you know just what a dream come true it would be to go wireless.
headphone for xmas
​Now you and everyone else on your list can with wireless earbuds. With this brilliant invention, there are no cords to get tangled up in.


​One thing most people forget about when packing their gym bag is to fill it with good toiletries for their post-gym shower. Some people even use cheap brands to fill it with, but they deserve so much more. Find travel sizes of quality brands for shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, lotion, anti-perspirant, lip balm and more to make her feel like she’s on top of the world post-gym.


​One of the best exercises by far is jumping rope. But it can really trip you up. Now we live in such a world that there are ropeless jump ropes available. It’s perfect for the traveler or for use in very tight spaces, like behind the desk at work. No more tripping either!


alpha water bottle
Drinking plenty of water each day is hard work.

It’s even worse if that person find water bland and boring. Reusable water bottles with large opening can easily allow one to make water delicious by making fruit infused water and can be taken on the go. They help add tons of flavor to water plus they add all the nutrients from the fruits, vegetables and herbs that are put into them for a tasty way to hit that water quota.

Plus - reusable will help cut down plastic waste and help the environment. A win-win for everyone.


​Sweaty feet are no fun in any weather. Give the gift of all-weather socks that are lightweight and breathable. They can be used in winter to keep feet warm and in the summer, they won’t slip down or bunch up, making for a comfortable workout any time of year. 


hand warmers
​Need a small gift for someone at the office or something else to add to a larger gift?

Nothing can beat compact warmers for those cold winter day workouts. These can keep hands, feet and other body parts warm and toasty during walks, runs, hikes, and bike rides in the hazy days of winter.


​Whether they love to ride their bike or they religiously head off to spin class, handle bar grips are just the thing to keep sweaty hands in place. Plus, they protect your love’s hands from touching the sweat of all the other exercisers before her. 


resistance band
Maybe you wear each other’s wedding bands, but that doesn’t mean that resistance bands aren’t romantic. They’re a smart gift idea for anyone that hates being confined to the gym or travels often. 
​Now that you’ve got a head start on your holiday shopping, you can rest easy knowing you’ve found the most affordable fitness gifts around!

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